Monday, 8 April 2013

The Celebrity paradox, Kim Jong Kardashian

Imagine a world where humans would spend hours reading about humans that live across the world that do nothing but get pissed and make themselves look like nobs. Where more people would know about some black guy who gave it to some Armenian girl years ago and has now made a song about it. Where you can get famous for putting a video of yourself getting the D on the internet . Where people would tune in every night to watch some woman going to the shop then getting botox. Where people are celebrities just for being celebrities. 

And then you start to think. What would happen if these people became role model's to generations of people. Would those people then grow up to become more interested in watching people from Essex drive range rovers and putting fake diamonds on their vagina's? I hope not. I mean, imagine how horrible that would be. The consequences are horrible to think of. People would start to become self indulged and disassociated with people that live beyond the scope of our tiny Island. They would rather turn the page in the Sun and read about a squirrel that wears trousers, instead of even acknowledging the children being killed, mutilated and raped in countries like Sudan, Syria and Burma.

Girls if you want to be famous, you know what you have to do

But to be fair, it probably would put you off eating your full English wouldn't it?

Better yet, put that on a worldwide scale. Imagine a country that would overthrow over 50 foreign governments in the last 70 years and no one would say shit. A country that could kill millions and force millions into despair and to be born with disfigurements. Imagine we could tell normal citizens that little, very cash poor countries that  most haven't even heard of are the reason why our lives are at threat, and then force men and woman to fly thousands of miles to fight people in a place they're likely they're never to go again. We would think it's going to benefit us, when really it's just all a guise to take control of natural resources that only benefit those at the top. How awesome would that be!

In fact, it could get even better. We could pay for a country that's unlawfully settling on another countries land, to have the best air defence system in it's region. We could then allow them to have nuclear weapons, but no one else would be allowed to. Why? Because we said so Durhh. Then, when countries try to get nuclear weapons because they're surrounded by countries that have it, we'll threaten them with force.

But it could be even better. Yes that's right. We could then take an already isolated country and isolate them even more. We could surround them with nuclear weapons and tell them they're not allowed them. We could tell our public that they're not allowed to have them because they'll use it on us and kill millions, even though we've already used it a few years before on their neighbour and we're completely out of range. We could throw our weight around and have a large scale military drill right in their face, then when they get pissed off we'll just threaten them even more.

It's not like their best buds are China and a war with them would almost definitely end the world, is it?

How horrible would our human race be if we did that. If we aspired to be like the morons in society that offer nothing but stories about how they banged their cosmetic surgeons. It would be dreadful if we would praise the main oppressors in the world and listen to them as they blame other rudimentary countries on problems that come from our economic handcuffs that come from the people pointing the finger in the first place.

But whatever, we don't and life is all good.

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Sophia WM said...

Dear Adshadlib, as promised, I have given this blog a thorough inspection, after cleaning my room (of course). A very enjoyable read, particularly as the topics you covered: the drones, callus bombing, illegal warfare, and scapegoating in the name of greater good, is all taking place in my very own motherland. You write with flare and conviction.

Oh be careful with apostrophe 's' e.g role models doesn't need an apostrophe. A final note would be.. I was expecting a more recent blog-April 2013 is months away and I have to make an account to comment!??

Aside that, Keep up the good work :)

Member of OutreachSS2013

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