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  1. Accept everything just the way it is.
  2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.
  4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
  5. Be detached from desire your whole life.
  6. Do not regret what you have done.
  7. Never be jealous.
  8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.
  9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others.
  10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.
  11. In all things, have no preferences.
  12. Be indifferent to where you live.
  13. Do not pursue the taste of good food.
  14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.
  15. Do not act following customary beliefs.
  16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
  17. Do not fear death.
  18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.
  19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.
  20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honor.
  21. Never stray from the way.
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Books that need to be read

Plato - Republic
Nietzsche - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Laozi - Tao Te Ching
Hobbes - Leviathan
Machiavelli -The Prince

LearnedFromTv - Advanced PLO

Carnegy - How to Win friends and influence people
Tolstoy - War & Peace
Sun Tzu - The Art of War

Smith - Wealth of Nations
Marx - Poverty of Philosophy/Das Kapital
Keynes - General theory of unemployment
E.F Schumacher - Small is Beautiful

These should last me 6 months

Places I want to go to before I'm 23:

Abu Dhabi!!
Iceland !


Goals and things

In the next 6 months:

Mental - Master at Chess, 1/2 Online 2/5 Live Poker, 3000 MMR Dota, basic language skills in Arabic/Chinese.

Physical - 1.5k in 8.30, 8% Body fat, 55 pressups in 2 mins, 65 sit ups in 2 mins. 1:1 or no point in being at uni.

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It's been a while

Updates, I now use this awesome calendar that I've made. It essentially boils down to 6 hours of solid work during week days for Uni work. Then 2 hours at 3 PM, for EdX and languages, which are chose alternatively on differing days. Each day also has poker hours and fun hours (Dota, going out etc...). I also wake up at 7am, do some exercise and have a full morning routine. Before I go to bed I do 10 minutes of meditation. It works really well and if anyone wants to meditate or learn a language, definitely get at me and I'll help you out with resources.

Opinion on Scottish independence - Please no.
Opinions on the Budget - Not too right wing, allows people more freedom. On paper, seems sound. Will it work? Lets see I guess.
Opinions on missing Malaysia A flight - There's more pressing problems in the world, however it is interesting. Very suspicious. Reminds me of a super Bond Villain's plot to rule the world.

Over the past few weeks I've been to parliament, studied a tonne of poker, learnt a tonne about Chess opening and the dynamics of pawns as well as even having a Mensa test.
It's been very chilled, to say the least. I have a very busy month ahead, looking very stormy.

Another word about the budget. GDP, GDP Per Capita, Wealth, incomes, equality, fiscal drag, richer get rich. All very common terms. But as I always try and say, do they even matter? Does GDP really dictate happiness. Or does it just allow for the stability that allows for the happiness. I now assume without argument the wellbeing and happiness have to be the top of our priorities as humans. Now normally one cannot assume something without argument, however, while at parliament I listened to a speech where one prominent man said 'Even if I'm wrong, I'm still following my principles and trying my best to help my constituents. All I can do is follow my heart and my core beliefs, pursuing them as furiously as possible, in order to achieve the greater aim'. For me, this way of thinking has completely opened my mind. Yes I will reflect and yes I will still question my beliefs, but not to the extent where everything is doubted. Fucking Descartes, that was all your fault bro. Anyway, to follow on, we're still being held back. The core of Conservatism is to keep freedom and uphold democracy and core values. The year is 2014 and if we don't start looking to the future, we are in the shit. HS2, if thought of 30 years ago would have been a great idea. We need to look ahead of that. Yeah today it's pretty modern tech, however tomorrow it's yesterdays tech and we'll be yesterdays country. Focus on building the morale of the country, education, research and development.

That brings me to my last and I guess, most radical belief. That in the long run, no one should work. Now I'll write this all up in a more formal manner, but for now I'll summarise. I do not believe humans are born to work. I believe that in the long run, within the next 150 years, 95% of jobs can be automated, or left up to crowd sourcing. Realistically, this could be here today, but due to political agendas such as keeping unemployment low, it hasn't happened. Simply put, technology has had its lid kept on it. Free markets will always choose the robot, the machine, the automation, for economic reasons. Regulation, socialism and worker economies will always try and stop this. Yet its our future. Out Utopian but achievable future. Everything else will come with it, less crime, more welfare, better allocations of food. I know the obligations and will go into more depth, like I said at a later date.

If anyone is interested in creating an app/programme that will allow the population to vote on governmental policy, please contact me @
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Following on

from my last post. The purpose of a human is not to work. Working is a short term solution to a long term problem. Like a plaster over the deep cut that society will never be able to fix. In my opinion, however, it would be horrible for the electorate to think like me. For the state and our economy would collapse like a lead balloon. Technology will eventually provide the key out of the standard work cycle of a human so we can eventually enjoy mother earth.

Small state, some regulation, provision of transport, education and health. Basically where the free market fails.


What's the point?

We're told that the point of life, or rather, to fulfil life, is to work. I disagree. There are various reasons, mainly economic arguments, that suggest why politicians would want this. However, I'm going to explore a much more unique idea.

Humans to me, are a lot like parasites. The main instinct, or feeling that we endure is that to reproduce or have sex. Things such as condoms are man made, there is no 'nature's condom'. It seems as though one of the purposes of human life is to simply reproduce, is it not? Many people go through life and their crowning achievement is their kids. Century on century these kids are getting taller, smarter, living longer. They're adapting, getting better at surviving. Getting better at extracting resources from the environment, their host. In fact, everything in human life is based around surviving. Everything.

As much as the Fashion houses and magazines are trying to be PC, you mainly only see fit models, or slim models. Showing that it pays to be healthy(whether being size 0 is healthy is ofc debatable). What I'm trying to get out is that society idolizes the fit. But why is that? It's because it's attractive to us, it shows fertility, which lets us reproduce in number. A lot like, a parasite?

Going further in to the abstract, we say it's bad to kill. We value a human life so highly. Yet what even is a human life? We say, 'oh a good human has gone today', yet even the best of humans who have the highest net giving to society, aren't actually producing anything in the grand scheme of things. I mean, they may make society more tolerable, but what is humanity? If there is no purpose to humanity, then surely somehow making society better is pointless? The idea that death is the worst possible thing that can happen, I believe, is a huge fallacy. In fact, for most people, the deplore of capitalism and the hardship of life is probably a lot worse than death. We will all die at some point, it's actually not the worst thing ever.

Further to this, again into the abstract, why is crime such as murder criminalized? "Shadi, obviously because Murder is bad". Bad? Why is it bad? Because someone dies? And why is death bad? Because you don't get to live a life? So why is not getting to live bad? Because life is beautiful? Hmmm

Even the most famous method of distribution in human societies, capitalism, exhibits leeching nature on two levels.  The first, being the 'dog eat dog world' of careers. It literally is survival of the fittest. That is no cliche, that is a very literal phrase and can be applied to today's first world economies. The 'poor' (A word and state created by humanity) have to cling on to their capitalist hosts, slowly growing with the occasional attempt to surpass them. Their Capitalist hosts leeching of the Earth. Our one common host.

You see, we don't want to destroy planet Earth. in fact, we want to keep it going. Soon most of our resources will be employed to look at how we can sustain a relationship with our host. Much like the parasite, we don't want to kill our host. We just want to bring it a few inches within its death in order for us to survive for as long as possible. However, much like a parasite, we're reproducing so fast that soon the host will no longer be able to live. So in order to combat it, what do we do? Well what any other parasite would do ofc, look for another host. In our case this is just close planets and perhaps even Mars.

In the Bible, homosexuality is a Sin. You see, society says, that in a relationship where you cannot reproduce to create a living thing, this is bad. It seems worse than death.

I personally believe, that the simple purpose of humanity is to survive and reproduce. I don't think that that conclusion in cynical nor is it pessimistic. It just seems to be real. Even though all the evidence I've thought of leads to me thinking that humanity is a parasite, I still don't want to believe it. There is some bliss in this one long span of ignorance we call life.

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Dead Card PLO theory

I've been looking at ways to have an advantage over my opposition since I started playing, mainly learning from online resources and talking with friends. However I haven't decisively studied something myself. I've simply learned it and put it into practice/

Well the other day I was in a hand 4 way, after playing a whole bunch of Chinese, then it hit me, why don't I discount outs based on other peoples plays and ranges???

Eg... pre goes raise, 3 bet, call call call. Flop goes C, bet call call call. The turn goes C, Bet Fold fold call.

S=This instance is regular in live games and you can usually amount certain cards to certain players. I want to develop on this a little more so I'll be testing it out both online and live and see how it goes

Personal Statement

Just found my personal statement, if you're having a bad day, this will cheer you up.

Europe is sinking into a worsening quagmire slowly grabbing the strongest nations such as Germany by the financial throat, drawing the weakest economies into a bullied position whereby the only way out is to agree to crippling austerity in order for them to receive their monthly pocket money. The world's financial and political economy over the next century will depend on how 'Wet blanket' Europe acts in the next 8-16 years, making economics and politics some of the most interesting and important subjects to study.

The two subjects seem perfect to interplay together; this became apparent after I was presented with the concepts in Schlesinger's "Media, State and Nation", where the world becomes 'Us and them' and political violence corrupts the media into creating contrasts in culture. The idea that government was controlled by big business and that firms would pursue any method to maximise profits, even if that included killing, fascinated me. As a result I started to research how a firm like BAE affects British government and the British economy, and how a merger with a Franco-German manufacturer could affect relations and integrate objectives and economies. After extensive research I created the essay title 'Should more be invested in technology that kills?'. I came to the main conclusion that advancements in technology only affect less developed nations as more developed nations are unlikely to make war with each other. Ultimately are products such as the internet, a military invention, worth more than the deaths of say, Iraqi civilian drone strike casualties?

In history I learnt that in times of War innovation proliferates, allocation of resources is maximised therefore usually increasing GDP and creating a somewhat Autarky. With this thought I read "The Rational Optimist" by Matt Ridley who discusses the adaptability of the human race around issues like food shortages and strained resource supply. A concept built on the ultimatum game which I found fascinating is that people are therefore treated more like relatives during war, leading to an increase in philanthropy and a more even distribution of income. Building on this my teacher recommended "The Art of Strategy" by Dixit and Nalebuff. I am captivated by the idea that due to imperfect knowledge humans will always make irrational choices, thinking that they are in fact rational and that this can actually be forecast and shown through the application of game theory. In economics I learnt how the Foreign exchange could influence macroeconomic objectives, such as growth and inflation. At university I look forward to developing a greater understanding of how investing can affect the economy and how economies shrink and grow and why it seems so hard to stabilise them. An interest in investing has lead me to apply to JP Morgan's school programme and acquire work experience with Deutsche bank for February.

At school I was Head Boy and Chair of the Student Council, which involved directing Prefect jobs and communicating the ideas of the student body with the Principal. I decided to mature my personal skills by taking a year out and working with the 'Big Society' charity 'The Challenge'. This involved creating campaigns for the benefit of the local community. Under tight time constraints we collated research as a team which we would then present to a seed funding panel. Currently I am a student council executive, within this I help oversee a budget and student activities. As a results I have received two commendations from the principal for entrepreneurship and business acumen. I have just passed my enrichment Italian, and have decided to take German at a local language centre and would like to continue it at university. I feel the key to success is doing something you're passionate about, being able to persevere, to want to learn and push yourself harder. I know I have got the drive and hope I have showed my eagerness and ability to excel at university.


Legit yo

It's been a while so I have a few things racked up that I want to consider.

The legitimacy of a State.

  • The main thing a State should do is keep order
  • The State Monopolises the use of violence within its borders
  • The State should be working for the people
  • The State in some way reflect the views of the majority popular
  • The State, even if a Dictator, Bathist or Despot, should be respected by its people in order for it to succeed

The state is very similar to a Mafioso organisation, which isn't necessarily bad. The comparison comes from the idea of a protection racket, whereby, some Made man comes to your business and says 'Pay me X and things won't happen to Y, if you get what I mean'. The Government says, 'Pay me X (Taxes), and things won't happen to Y (You&Family)'. The Mafia obviously has negative connotation, but being protected is a VERY valuable thing and something I think we should all be looking to give up our wealth for. Citizens in Venezuela, particular the students are currently protesting because they're scared on a daily basis to even leave their homes as 20,000 people were murdered in the Capital last year. Order, is the name of the game. I would love to see some of the super Liberals in the Tory society here squirm when faced with a mugger in the UK, it would be very distant from the boundaries of their Polo club and completely vaccumed no variable thought. No doubt they would be the first to die if they travelled to Latin America, much like the black guy in a horror movie.

Yesterday I was walking to Broadway, a casino in Brum for a Poker tourny, as per. I'm walking past the Medusa club as I got off by the Raddison Blu and I see this homeless woman. She sits down just as I'm walking past and asks me for money. She asked me very quietly, almost like she had given up on asking. I actually, for once had change and I understand how the trains work so I knew I could get the Selly Oak to Five ways for free at that time of night. So instead of donating to national rail, I decided to give it to this woman.

So I'm around half an hour early to where I need to be and decide to just sit and talk to her. She told me that only 4 months ago she was a supervisor on the tills in Morrisons, managing 150 people. Her boyfriend at the time was incredibly abusive, which lead her to leaving. Her family abandoned her and somehow she ended up Birmingham. Now I'm just sitting chatting to her, meanwhile she's asking passersby for money and I'm feeling like one of those hipster wankers who help the homeless for an emotional youtube video or likes on instagram.

Anyway, she was essentially fucked. I couldn't help her. I wanted to, but at the same time, I really didn't want to. I have my own like. Everyone must find their own way. If I had to ability and time to help, though, I would.

Homeless are homeless because of money. We're slaves to dat moula

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I'm not leaving

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Banque alimentaire

My thoughts on Food Banks.

Half a Million people had to use Food banks last year. Many calling it disgraceful. I don't want to linger on the matter too much:

1 Billion people live in Poverty, Britain's wealth was essentially gained by Capitalizing on these people. Africa, ruined by our Free market Libertarianism, plunged back into shitty backward economies. 

Just by living in Britain, you're likely to be in the wealthiest 5% of those in the whole world. 

Food Banks aren't disgraceful, no one currently in power is to blame for what is happening. To further that end, no one currently using food banks should be ashamed to use them. It's not that people aren't paid enough, it's that the cost of living is too high. Higher pay would actually make things a lot, lot worse. 

Perhaps we should be looking to food companies (Not Local farmers) at why food is so expensive. I think that we'll find it's perhaps the tax our Government places on goods, such as food, that is causing the problem. I for one, would not want to forgo the quality of already crappy food, to make it cheaper. Perhaps we should be looking at creating 'Urban Gardens', perhaps instead of giving families money, we should be giving them Tax free food stamps. Cheaper food and no more alcoholic wastage in benefits that are received.

People try to point fingers in these situations, politicians try and capitalize on these failings. I don't see how people put blame on Cameron and Co. when it's obvious this problem stems back many years.

The problem I have is that we think too linear. People think the way out of this is to grow jobs, make more money etc... Surely, after hundreds of years, we can now see that this is not what we should be doing any more. Let's leverage technology, let's create our own food, better food. Pool together as communities and share more. W/o sounding too much like a Marxist, I think the we need to be more socialist when looking at the distribution of (basic) food(s).


I was also on the Channel 4 show 'Benefits Britain:Live debate', here is a picture of me and White Dee

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The Plan

Here I will put everything.

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The Azerbaijani Mafia

So last night/ this morning I played the Titan. I was chip leader at the first break, then played some PLO cash for 25 mins where I managed to stack 3 people. People really don't know how to play plo.

Anyways, these Russian guys were like 'fuck the tourny, play tomorrow' (There are 2 day 1s), they were obvs kinda pissed since I just took their money.

I end up busting trying to river bluff a double paired board and getting called by King high. The 30-38 year old woman was like 'I was committed'. Nice hand, nice hand.

So I play till like 5 in the morning because these guys wouldn't let me leave. Up around £625 including the tourny spew, starting stack food and taxis. I had like 880 altogether I think.

If I don't go to London to play the Vic, I'll be back at it tonight for sure.

Chip porn :
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Now and the future

So I'm just going to list where I'm at, for future ref to see how I'm progressing in life.

Kinda like
I'm now the Financial Director for the CF West Midlands, along with Vice-Chair of Birmingham. It'll be useful leverage when applying for internships in politics, but also it will be a great experience. I think I have a lot to bring to the first position and will hopefully generate a lot of money for our area.


Going good. Never going to Genting in Cov again, bustod the worst tourny I've ever been in, twice, and that's with an add-on.

Tonight is the 10k Titan, hopefully with some cash running. Nothing to say, but learning and reviewing today, getting ready for it.
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Should I strive to be happy in life or should I strive to make a shit-load of money like society suggests. Is making a shit-load of money going to make me happy. Is it the process of making the money or the result of having it? Would I even have to time to spend it once I've accumulated it?

Every single study seems to show there is no correlation between vast fortune and life satisfaction. That's the average. But what if me, I, will be more satisfied by making a bunch of money. The most likely way would be through poker. I don't play poker for the money, I play it for the competition, like Chess, Starcraft, Call Of Duty and even Fifa. So perhaps its simply a measure of how good I am at something. Would that make me happy? Being one of the best at something? Mastering a certain skill. My current me seems to think so.

That's why I'm focussing not on IBD internships, but things that I actually want to do. As far as I'm concerned now, JP and Sachs can go suck a fat one.

Doing things I actually want to do. Sounds crazy in a society where everyone does things they don't want to do, in order to achieve some long term goal. Never living in the present, always living in anxiety of the future.

Back to my essay
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So I have a plan

It all just made sense. Twitter, Twitter is the answer. Just like that girl on instagram started getting modelling jobs after showing her butt off, I can get somewhere by progressing on Twitter.
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New Year

I've been quiet recently as I've been training with the uotc, essentially a job that somewhat resembles an officers life, with added trips around the world and cool adventures involving Coasting, mountain biking, skydiving and the like. So yeah, that's what I've been doing.

I found it very ironic actually, listening to the Majors and Sgts teaching us. They would talk about how our sole aim was essentially killing and some of the other boys would talk about how eager they were to swear an Oath to the Queen. Of course I obliged one of them  and tried to make him see my point of view, citing that if people were Protesting outside the Palace and the Army was called in, surely he wouldn't fire on his own people.
'Well if I'm ordered to, then I have to'. Baaaaaaah.

In fact, over the last 4 months, I've come to question everything I've ever thought. Not just because I've now read Descartes.

It's come to the point where I now believe all of my past view points are logically not valid. In that, I can no longer assume my premises true where my conclusions cannot be false. So yeah, essentially a huge life epiphany and I'm unsure on where I stand on a range of matters. Which is really, really annoying, especially if you're very involved in Politics like me.

Speaking of Politics, I've just applied for a new position in the CF which will see me Directing all finances for the West Midlands. Pretty Fucking cool.

In terms of Poker, I bustod my Paddy power roll, I literally have no idea how, I Burnt around 1.5 in a day which was weird. However on Stars I'm Final Tabling tourny after tourny and tearing up anything on zoom. I'm now a winner at 5/10/25/50 NL as well as 25 PLO and am DESTROYING 25 NL O H/L.

Be back in a week or so, I've have some philosophies I want to discuss with myself.

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Is Charity Bad?

Let me explain . For the longest time, I've considered giving money to charities that help with genuine humanitarian causes, outside the UK, a bad thing to do. So imagine, charities that try and share out malaria nets, in places prominent with mosquitos. Now I know that this seems like a good thing to do, however I feel it's bad. For the following reasons;

  1. It's an import, where we get nothing in return. 'Import?' I hear you say. Well yes, it's a good that in effect, we're buying. It's just the same as you buying a car from Germany, except you don't actually get anything in return. When you buy a car, the UK economy actually receives a car, in return for money leaving our economy and a worsening balance of trade. But when you send a tenner to a random charity, the money very literally just leaves the economy. 
  2. With so much poverty in the UK and with such austere policies, surely we should focus on our own economy? I mean, giving money to your local shelter, food bank, help for heroes... You get the idea. This way the money stays in our cycle, moving from one agent to another and actually helping redistribute income to those that may need it. Also, it indirectly affects yourself in a beneficial way, which I'm not really going to go in to as there are so many ways, but just think Tax, unemployment etc...
  3. Corruption. I'm not sure how prominent this still is, yet I think it's still quite important. Put simply, whose hands does the goods and services that you're paying for, end up in? The police? Rebels? Politicians? I know it's a very pessimistic stance to take, but you can't dismiss the fact that there will be some of this going to non-intended peoples.
After thinking about these things, brooding over them for quite a long time. I decided to consider how we should deal with these charities. Rid them of tax exemptions? Well that doesn't really make sense. 6 month bans? Not really sure that's ethical. In fact, every single possible solution I could think of, took Liberty away from people at home, in the UK. 

I do have one idea, which if anyone ever reads and has some power to change (Obv not going to happen, ever), then I would love to talk to said person about.

A ratio, almost like a golden ration. It needs some things to be done by charities before hand, in order for it to work. But with tech, it's not hard to accomplish.

Firstly, charities should have to upload, weekly, how much they're taking in to the coffers. This will allow a group to look at how much they're making, obvious I know, but also project how much we're keeping in the UK compared to how much we're giving out. 

Very literally, I'm proposing that we say, 80% of Charity intake raised should be allowed for home charities, with the rest going foreign. Anything over, is simply put into a Big charity box in the treasury. Then perhaps we could spend it on smarter things, such as welfare and public services. 

Other ways to give to Charity abroad

Now I'm half Syrian, and with the recent crisis, I would obviously urge everyone to give their money to helping refugees. Bias right? Yet I'm sure others won't agree.

I think it's time to leverage tech to our advantage. There are copious amounts of ways that we could make spending our countrys money fairer. For example, using a system such as yougov, the public, for once could decide where our money goes to.

Radical, I know. Never thought we would ever control our own money, eh? Compared to our relative size, we give a fair deal, nothing like the US, but a lot. In fact, we're one of the biggest aid givers to Syrian charities helping refugees. But surely, we should have a say on it? What about an online platform, where we're given all the facts, what the economists, experts and charities say, in terms of how much they need and how easy it is to accomplish. Then the public, you decide how much you'd like to give. The details could be figured out at a later stage, but it would be something akin to ' ridding outliers, averaging amounts and only going ahead with it if X amount of people decide'. It could be done every year, or after every natural disaster.

I think it's a silent problem that we face and no one would like to address it because it either looks really bad if they do, or they'll essentially be committing political suicide. I also see my methods taking away liberties, which I think should be addressed. It will be the detail.

I would like to leave you with this problem. Posed to me by a friend.

There's Charity A. Charity A says, if you give them £5, you save 1 Child. Say they raised £100 and you steal £5, Are you killing a child?
You're the next person to see Charity A, now they only have £95. If you don't give £5, are you killing a child? As the £5 that you would give, would a save a child. So by not giving that £5, you aren't saving a child and are therefore killing one. Should we try you for manslaughter?


EDIT: I actually disagree with a lot of what I said here. I was naive to think that we were somehow bound by borders and that countries poverty was due to their sheer incompetence, rather than geographical factors and factors such as EU intervention. How, I still insist that simply giving money is a bad idea. If you truly want social justice, then do something about it yourself. I'm still undecided on whether charity truly does start at home.