lately I have had a problem finishing.

Okay, not like that.

Over the last two weeks, I feel like my tourny game has gone strength to strength, but I just can't seem to finish it up.

Two top 50 places in the Big 5.50, out of 6000 + fields.

Last night I cam 5xxish in the $3.30 Micro Millions. First was 10K, I got $20. I don't know what it is, but I need to fix it. I feel like I'm missing $xxxxx's of worth, easy, just because my end game is awful.

Time to study.

Nl for now.

Today was nice

Solid day
Disgusting red line, not sure why it's like that. Was playing only like 16/8 so I guess tight, wasn't getting funny on most flops. I was also playing normal tables. Would deffo recommend sacrificing volume for WR. Not only will it improve your game, it will also improve your BR

Week 1 14/07/2014

3 x 15 deep fast squats
2 x 10 1 x 15 full push up
2 x 10 1 x 5 Diamond push up
3 x 10 Auzzie pull up

Challenge for his week 3 x 15 full push up, 3 x 10 diamond, introduce 3 x 5 pull up

Easily the best Cali site on the interwebs

Catch me if you can

So I've deleted everything from my old blog and decided to start fresh. I even have this new shiny layout.

I decided to clear it all as a lot of things have happened recently in my life recently, I've also come a long way from my past ideas which I found to be very naive once I read them back.

So this is essentially the start, which will include all targets and currently where I am at.

Poker wise, playing 100/200 PLOSH, however I'm going to be getting staked and coached from a man called Ankush. Ankush is a specialist PLOHU player and he thinks he can have me winning practically straight away since I already play a lot of PLOSH. I start training on the 27th officially, but am already dabbling in 50/100 PLOHU. I expect to play up to the $1k BI within the next few months.

Targets - Crush 100 PLOSH by 1/10/2014.
               Crush 50-400 PLOHU by 1/10/2014
               Be able to play the PCA in January

Achieving those targets 1, Keep studying, keep playing.
                                    2, at least 500 hands a day and lots of hours of strategy talk.
                                    3, Save them FPP's up and Satty in.

Fitness - Boston marathon ( 20th April )
              London marathon (26th April )
   First job is to even get onto the marathon. I've enquired with Outward Bound, so as to run for their Charity in London. I'll take it from there.
Boston is more complicated, but I will have to wait till September to apply to work with a charity ( Probs the Museum of science) and then if that doesn't go to plan, I will have to wait till January to run the half marathon.

The idea is this. Every week, starting from this week, I will run N + 2 miles. so 3 times a week, I will be working towards that + 2 miles goal.  I will start at 4 miles and report back.

Diet. My diet is actually pretty good at the moment. I just need to cut chocolate out, cut sugars out, eat more frequently in the day and drink more water.

             - Strength and body
I'm currently following this programme . The only issue is finding somewhere to do dips.

I'm starting at a decent level already, but the goal is to be able to do Advanced pistol squats, one arm pull ups and one arm push ups by April next year.

In terms of appearance and what not, I don't really care. My abs don't come through at the moment since I'm at like 13% body fat. After training for the marathons, I'm sure that really will not be a problem at all.

              - Flexibility
I currently stretch 3-4 times a week. It's mainly relaxed stretching with some isometric. I'm using this at the moment .  I should be able to do the splits very soon and I can feel my legs shooting up. I will start building Yoga into my life too.

              - Mindfullness
8 Minutes of meditation every day at the very least. I want to build this into more. I also want to consider using it while playing poker .

              - Misc
I will be taking a language for 25% of my degree next year. Whatever it is, I expect to become fluent in it. Torn between Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.

Travel. No set places. Just get the fuck out of the UK. You have the money, you don't need people to go with you, just get out.

Ship it Holla Balla