Venture Watch

A start-up based out of London focussed on entomology.

The team is well structured.
Each Co-founder is specialised in a specific thing, from design, to cookery to marketing, creating a very solid and well rounded team. The team is small and lean. From what I can tell, they haven’t taken a major round as of yet, just a small angel to get them of the ground.

Growing Market.
2 billion people across the world eat insects everyday, exclusively in the East. Insects are cheap, full of nutrition and protein, cheap to move around and also take little to no resources as well as no emissions. The world can no longer sustain the production of cattle and wheat that goes along with it, the markets will be looking for the ways to distribute resources. Especially with growing demand in countries such as China and Brazil for meat, prices are going to go through the roof. Insects will provide the cheap, efficient alternative. Ban Ki Moon among other world leaders are pointing towards insects as the alternative.

Why Ento?
They make it look good. Insects are currently very attractive to the Western palette, however ento overcomes this with beautiful marketing, creative recipes and a solid starting point in London.

What I’d look for.
Backwards integration. I’d like to see them move one/two steps back and also look at the wholesale market to retailers as well as the production. Their product is scalable but doesn’t currently take a large enough market share by just being client side. Further, since they are brick and mortar, I’d also want to see a solid business plan going forward as they’re likely to need capital to get going. Moreover their marketing would have to be bordering insane as they have some huge obstacles to overcome. The economy is the best marketing tool for them at present, but it still needs pushing.

Investing now.

They haven’t grown to be huge, they haven’t launched their main product, there isn’t any other major competitors as of yet, it’s a completely new market and they’re a new team. Their only investment is from team members and the winnings from a competition, meaning they’re ripe for the taking.

Liberal Muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor

A liberal Muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Karl Marx, a known atheist.
"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Marx and accept that he was the most highly-evolved being the world has ever known, even greater than Jesus Christ!"
At this moment, a brave, patriotic, pro-life Navy SEAL champion who had served 1500 tours of duty and understood the necessity of war and fully supported all military decision made by the United States stood up and held up a rock.
"How old is this rock?"
The arrogant professor smirked quite Jewishly and smugly replied "4.6 billion years, you stupid Christian"
"Wrong. It’s been 5,000 years since God created it. If it was 4.6 billion years old and evolution, as you say, is real… then it should be an animal now"
The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his chalk and copy of Origin of the Species. He stormed out of the room crying those liberal crocodile tears.
The students applauded and all registered Republican that day and accepted Jesus as their lord and savior. An eagle named "Small Government" flew into the room and perched atop the American Flag and shed a tear on the chalk. The pledge of allegiance was read several times, and God himself showed up and enacted a flat tax rate across the country.
The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died of the gay plague AIDS and was tossed into the lake of fire for all eternity.
Semper Fi
PS: Close the borders.


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Next Human Endeavor

So when talking about ALS I very wrongly said that it was genetic. In fact, only around 10% of sufferers are said to have it in their family. And, well, still not much is really known about how it develops in a human and why is seems to target the 40-60 year old white man. So, on insisting that perhaps awareness is not an issue, I was wrong in that saying you should know, by your parents simply telling you. As of course, that is that not case. Yet, I think all of my other premise still stand.

With most things us humans do, problems are solved and things are discovered or invented by accident. Some Philosophers think that there actually could be a science to accidents. Can you truly create an accident on purpose? I'll leave that to you. What I would like to take from that, though, is that perhaps a problem can be solved without directly addressing it.

So, what is, 'the next human endeavor'. Well actually, it's already started. I'm talking about re-writing the code of humans, our genetics. You see, science has simply been building up to this point. We want longevity, we want biological improvements. We can create that. As you read this scientists are busy with 2000 of the smartest people in the World's DNA, looking for commonality, patterns and methods of introducing it to the new born. Further, it's possible. China, the state commissioning it, believe they can create babies that will average an IQ 10 points higher which is HUGE. Like, you could literally turn every new born into our modern day conception of what a genius is, the way they think. You're literally moving human boundaries, literally, and humans are doing it themselves, we are becoming our own God.

So what is my point. Firstly, we will fuck up, in fact, I strongly believe that messing with such complicated code will cause 'bugs', if you will. We will create more problems. However, if successful, we can re-write our problems, eradicate it from further generations. Cystic fibrosis? Gone. Muscular dystrophy? Get outtta here. Almost certainly it will lead us to understand more about Motor Neuron disease, possibly even to the 'cure'. In all cases, prevention is far better than the cure.

Unfortunately with the current financial strain on the EU, it won't even start on a scale large enough to see it in the new future. China have their activities, but I have to worry about how open they will be with their billion dollar project's results. Russia, smart, but not in the right position. So who do we have to wait on, yes, America. The money, the institutions, the government and the brains to do it. Unfortunately trying to get this kind of idea through the Ivy league Elite Bible bashers will be a problem. Musk, I guess the world is looking to you.

Getting back

So, wow, time does 'fly'. I move into my new house in just 9 days. 9 days, wow.

Training is going well, can't wait to get into the gym properly and also start training properly to fight. Unfortunately my splints have come back making running even 2 miles on rest days incredibly painful. So training, again, has to go on hold. I think I'm going to stop running for a month, ice my shins as much as possible as well as doing exercises like duck walks. There was an article I read on Muay Thai fighters, that when they condition their legs, they actually create lots of mini fractures which then heal over into harder substances. But during the process, can hurt a lot. I think this is what I may have.

The Project

The Challenge -

Transparency in what MP's do, using consented private data as well as open public data.

  • Day to day actions
  • Expenditure
  • Voting intentions
  • Opinions on topics
Bringing constituents closer to the Politician.

  • Through transparency - trust
  • By being able to have open talks with an MP (Also Councillors, but there will be a lot, so will come after)
  • Open opinion polls - These could be accessed or even opened by MP's, could lead to much more representation and far less contempt
The medium.

  • Full use of Twitters API to create ease of communication for the short of time. 
  • Social network like interface that allows Politicians and Constituents to interact with the site.
  • Interactive Maps. Maps are cool. Real time updates are cool. They could be formatted to show your ward, whats happening, who is in office atm and what they're doing.
  • Budget pie charts. Like maps, pie charts are cool. Open transparent budgets showing where all the money goes will be the next best thing for society. Trust.

  • The sign up process. When creating the user account, making sure that every user is an actual person, every user is shown data they will care about, that fake accounts cannot be made, keeping said data safe. Perhaps using things such as Passport identification along with National insurance. It will be time consuming, but very worth it.
  • Funding. No private investor can truly invest in this and I don't want to take funding from the tax payer. There are also no routes to monitzation as this will never take advantage of peoples data. So philanthropy will be the only clear route for now. Everything is transparent and public therefore all wealth created from the site can easily be accessed and used.
  • Spam. If people are talking shit, it becomes a very slippery slope if we were to introduce bans. Perhaps suspensions are better. Further, what constitutes a suspension? If someone was to stay, burn all white people lets have a revolution, should they be banned? Is this their political view? What if politicians start to get berated?
  • For anything to actually work, we would need cooperation from the MPs and the council. A very huge under-sight, but if this doesn't work, nothing works.

The Plan

This Summer has been leading up to this, The Plan. The Plan is what is going to take this year to the next level. The Plan, oh wow, is getting me excited just thinking about it.

The format for The Plan. It will include both Micro and Macro goals that are centered around Pure life development. For example, travelling would not make it into the plan, however learning something or going somewhere for a specific reason would. Indeed, there may be exceptions.

This will be the Beta mode Plan, everything else that follows will simply make it greater.

The Core.

The Core of The Plan will be The Project. 
The Project will be the sole focus of my life, therefore it needs to be something I would do for the rest of my foreseeable youth.

1 - Changing Politics through technology, think social network meets transparency meets constituents debate.

2 - Changing the way we eat, think scales meets Macro diet meets Phone App.

3 - Changing what we eat, entomology. BIG

1 Will be the focus. The deciding factors are start up wealth needed to get it going is essentially 0. 2 Needs hardware, 3 will need Hundreds of thousands.


Find co-founders. One coder one graphic designer.
Create the general blueprint of how it will run
Start Beta draft.
Make better.
Get in touch with local MP's.
Get in touch with local council
Make better.

Problems - I should never ever let this be monetised, so should never make money of it. Why? The tax payer should not have to foot the bill for the profits, however if the tax payer feels it right, then creating a social enterprise would be best. Further, most tech companies founder make the $ by selling. There is not one private company in this world that this should ever be sold to. In fact, I don't think it should even be sold to a government. It needs to be it's own institution with the board of directors being the general public. Hard task, but I'm up for it.

The Side

I need to stay at university for the foreseeable future. Security, social life, fun, societies, life satisfaction. I need to remind myself that I really do not care about my grade at the end of it all. In fact, if I ever start to dislike my course, scraping through will be fine. If I need to stop attending university for any reason, I should be fine to simply drop out. It will be no problem.

Language - Arabic
Classes at Uni
Supplemented online
If I feel like I can progress, I need to pick up another. This should be European. Perhaps Spanish.

Sports - Muay Thai/BJJ
I do not think I will be able to do the London Marathon next year, because my shins do not allow it. Simply, this is not an either/or situation. I either fight or I run. I choose to fight, because I've already spent a lot of my life training, further, running is not as enjoyable and is far less sociable.

Conc - 

Therefore I have three main targets to work for. The project needs to be up and running. Arabic needs to be conversational and amazing. Muay Thai should lend itself to my first bout early next year, win or lose, but win. I give myself to the end of February. I will evaluate how things are going every two weeks.

Now Go


Inefficiently allocating resources within the paradigm of charities

The everyday example of how emotion destroys our rational thought. Compassion is falsified when humanity decides to be naive to real world consequences of sharing its wealth. The recent social media trends of supporting a charity through an act that many celebs are also supporting, has, well, pissed me off. Just looking at things such as 'Kony 2012', the 'No make up Selfie', the 'Cock in the sock', and most recently, the 'ALS Ice bucket challenge'.

So why do I fear this prevalent trend of charitable fads? Firstly lets break down the aims of the Marketing people behind each case:

  1. To make money 
  2. To raise awareness
  3. To create donor retention
Most people within society have a propensity function, person specific, that decides how much each given person would give away to charity. Therefore if one charity is to take this person's £3 per month, and this person's propensity to give as a result from their total income, is at most £3 per month, then every other charity is now losing £3 per month in income, even if that £3 has a much higher net benefit to other charities at any specific moment (ambiguous, I know). This statement assumes that the £3 would only go to one charity and would not be split among, say five. Although it may still work. 

So lets take the ALS charity, which focuses on a disease which is a type of Neurodegenerate disease. I believe there are few worldly things that are truly 100% impossible, however, some things are just very hard to accomplish. Now I haven't read any academic literature on what I'm about to write so can't make any truly substantial claims, but after seeing that these types of diseases have had billions of dollars put into researching them, such as Parkinsons, with very little avail, I really truly fail to see how much difference $16 million is going to make. Now this is looking at $16 million without salary, without useless expenditure, without corporate greed (think cancer charities, viagra, aid). So you've essentially just taken money which, in all reality on a macro scale, is not big at all. In fact, it's pretty much useless.

So, lets assume that in fact the money was never the main aim of the ALS marketeers (One of which unfortunately recently passed away, respects). Let's assume they wanted to build awareness. Now just looking down my FB feed the other day when all this was starting, I saw posts from Charlie Sheen, Dan Blizerian and of course my friends. All just simply stating they are doing the challenge, donating $100 (more in the case of most celebs) and that they nominate x and y person to carry out the ALS challenge. At first I legit thought that in fact this was some weird viral internet thing. For all I know, it could have spawned from the depths of reddit or /b . After some google-fu I quickly found the ALS website and saw what all the commotion was about. So in fact this was all for Lou Gehrig's Disease. Brilliant, I mean, it's horrendous. Most Doctors and researchers say it's 'incurable', although I don't strictly believe in this (Well, I'm actually no where nearly qualified enough to even comment), the fact that the prevailing opinion is that we can't just make it go away, rather, the best bet to is put our efforts into medicine that can slow it down, reduce the symptoms etc... Yet the main website is talking about #StrikeOutALS. But how? Why are you deceiving ordinary people into believing that their money is in some way going to help solve something that at this moment in time with the current resources and time available, this is not yet a probability. 

If Charities were not called Charities, this would simply be fraud. You are selling a product that you cannot deliver. This ultimately means you are taking funds away from other charities that could use this money to a fuller effect. Since this is an American charity, why not stick to sending aid to places you've fucked over such as Iraq? Or perhaps feeding your families, providing them health care, helping students with overpriced education.  But no, social media and celeb culture wins the day and anyone who would publicly speak out about it becomes the villain.

Finally, customer retention, which I won't delve on too much. How many people remember the 'No make up selfie'? How many original givers still give? Is it still even in our media anymore? Well, no, because this new fad has come along. What about Kony 2012, on every news show for 3 weeks straight. Now where is it? Okay that was a scam, or perhaps, they're all very 'scammy', but because Kony 2012 wasn't linked to a disease that effects our own families at home and in fact is was to dealing with people thousands of miles away that in all reality we couldn't give a flying fuck about, then it's alright to call them out on it? Interesting.

I can only chalk this up to mob mentality. This disease has nothing on, and effects far less people than mental illnesses, yet they still lurk in the background pile of the shunned and outcasts. Perhaps, if a disease such as Ebola was to hit the shores of the West and fully penetrate, then we may come to an understanding of how to distribute charitable income. Perhaps people that don't have the same colour passport are just as valuable?

Perhaps, without writing all of this, I could of given my biggest gripe. 3400000 people die every year because they don't have access to clean water. 5600 people die every year to an ALS related disease and to combat it we're throwing clean water over ourselves. Well done, us.

EDIT: So I've had people come to me, in a very angry manner, completely outraged at what I've wrote. Even asking me to take it down. The general argument that they give is that essentially I shouldn't be 'That guy', the 'party pooper', and that any awareness is good ( I guess, at least this implies they understand curing it, or 'striking it out', is a very stupid idea). 'Raising awareness' seems to be a buzz phrase that couldn't possibly have negative connotation. However, how much do you know about ALS? Do you know that it's carried in genetics? If your Dad has it and you live in a country with good infrastructure, you'll very much know about it. Motor Neuron disease isn't something that just appears then you die, if for some reason you don't know of anyone in your family having it, then eventually one day you will realise. Like, you will realise. Further, it's not something like prostate or breast cancer, whereby the earlier you catch it, the better your chances and at one point people weren't checking on a regular basis. Because, let's not beat around the bush, if you find out you have Lou Gs, you are still fucked whether or not you knew about it, since there is no cure. Moreover, it's not a disease that in itself carries negativity. Like, you don't become a Lepper, therefore there is no need to raise awareness through existing ignorance.

Again, to outline my argument. Either we go full blam on it and devote £Billions as well as a vast amount of time which will detract the best researchers in the world from other challenges, for a disease that effects very few people. Or, we don't. We give it the noise it deserves in order to create funds for people that are unfortunate enough to endure MND so that they can live with it better. 

Fuck the ignorance 



ctrl + V from reddit

"Here is some practical advice:
When you start to notice that you are becoming anxious, instead of focusing on the thoughts that arise out of that anxiety, try to focus on the physical sensations in your body. Try to find where the most intense physical sensation is at that moment and direct your attention to that area and sensation. Now, try to define the borders of that sensation as best you can, try to investigate it and see how big it is, where you feel it and where you don't feel it, where that line is in your body between where you feel the sensation and where you don't.
You will see very quickly that when you direct your attention fully and impartially to a particular physical sensation, it begins to dissipate.
Meditation teaches us that thoughts are not things we do, but rather, things that happen. Most of the time, these thoughts arise AFTER a physical sensation, and in direct response to it.
You are not your thoughts, rather, you are the thing that is observing the thoughts; the thing that experiences your life. Your thoughts are not your own, they are simply phenomena that nobody else is experiencing. You are not responsible for your thoughts. You are responsible for where you direct your attention.
You have no obligation to follow any thought process, you have no obligation to imagine possible negative outcomes or events in the future and experience them in the present moment. You can miss your whole life that way. If something unpleasant should happen in the future, so be it, and you will go through it that one time. There is no need or benefit to experiencing it in your imagination or fantasy now in the present moment.
Also, keep in mind that your goal or mindset should not be to make the sensation disappear, or to stop your thoughts from happening. Just to become an impartial observer of your physical sensations, and to allow yourself the freedom to choose which though processes to give your attention to.
There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with feeling anxiety. There is no way you should be feeling or reacting, there is only the reality of the moment. Don't be hard on yourself, don't be hard on others either.
Keep meditating! If there is a point to meditation, I feel like it is to get in the habit of realizing when you are absorbed in thoughts about the past or the future, and to bring your attention back to the reality of the physical present moment. You begin to experience the separation between yourself and your thoughts, and the realization that you can choose to either give attention to thoughts and make them grow, or allow them to pass like clouds overhead."

Yoga, stretching and weekly plans

So I've been looking for a solid Yoga routine that would be good for flexibility, Muay Thai/BJJ, meditation ANDDDDD running. So, not such a tall order...

Well, believe it or not, I actually found something that hit every nail on the head. I was actually surprised myself to find something like this. I guess a lot of MMA fighters would perhaps do yoga since most do asian descended Martials arts. Perhaps not Indian, but I still find most Asian MA's to include stretches/yoga/meditation.

So very happy. Here it is.

Further to this, here is the stretching routine I use.

It's really awesome and the dynamic stretches are also very good. However, a word of caution, WARM UP, when doing the dynamic stretches. You don't need to for the relaxed ones, which lead to my downfall ( and my groins downfall).

Looking at fighting this year or straight after Christmas. Decided.


The leap

Quite clearly I have let things that should not get in my way, get in my way. It's time to stop grieving, pick myself up, and get back on the horse.

How's marathon training? I had to rethink it since I kept injuring myself. I'm now doing base training, which is a combination of smaller distances. I'm finding that its working well.

Body? Well, here are the pictures of me now. I've finally managed to put on weight, although I don't actually know how much I weigh. I'm not lean at all nor am I heavy enough. Trying to put on muscle and weight at the same time is proving quite hard, especially with the marathon training. But, progress. General ability is going up, I feel myself getting stronger.

Flexibility? I haven't been keeping up with my exercises nor have I been meditating enough. Time to turn that around.

Poker? Bad. Generally just making me feel disgustingly shit, especially since the weather is so good. I feel changes coming.

So I still feel like I'm super out of shape. There is masses of room for improvement and improvement there will be. Eat clean, live clean.

  • My body is healthy, my mind is brilliant, my soul is tranquil.
"Seek a sanctuary, Respect it, as it is holy, Walk into it with a bare mind, bare feet and plain clothing, Nurture your body, mind and spirit through a healing ritual, Leave it with a pure heart until you find your way to it again. Master Jin Kwon"

Mont Blanc

Starting HU on a Euro site.

Need to start pre training for the Marthon (s), injured myself trying to do 4 miles straight of :(

Carrying on Bodyweight training this week.

Need to start 'work' next week.

I also finished Breaking Bad, which was nice


lately I have had a problem finishing.

Okay, not like that.

Over the last two weeks, I feel like my tourny game has gone strength to strength, but I just can't seem to finish it up.

Two top 50 places in the Big 5.50, out of 6000 + fields.

Last night I cam 5xxish in the $3.30 Micro Millions. First was 10K, I got $20. I don't know what it is, but I need to fix it. I feel like I'm missing $xxxxx's of worth, easy, just because my end game is awful.

Time to study.

Nl for now.

Today was nice

Solid day
Disgusting red line, not sure why it's like that. Was playing only like 16/8 so I guess tight, wasn't getting funny on most flops. I was also playing normal tables. Would deffo recommend sacrificing volume for WR. Not only will it improve your game, it will also improve your BR